Find Your Safe Road

Find your safe road even if it’s far from home

The road has many forks, you decide which way to go

It takes years to plan your journey, you have all you need

What is your goal: family, spirituality, or helping those in need?

Materialism and greed will only lead down a dead-end street

Find your safe road, see where it will lead

Trust in the universe to provide; it’s effort you will need

Find your safe road to individuality


My Fortune Cookie Mocks Me

My fortune cookie mocks me

Of vacations that will never come

Of housework left undone

I just want to grieve

I’m so tired I can’t breathe

Nothing but back pain and fatigue

Term papers to write

A sick fiancée fighting for his life

Stuck with a methed out neighbor

Who starts parties at midnight

My fortune cookie mocks me

I guess I need a break from Chinese


Rules For Nudists

No tapdancing in aisle three

I don’t care if it’s ninety degrees

I don’t care if you’ve got to pee

No soothing yourself with the frozen beef

Stop leaning against the freezers

Nudists take your shopping elsewhere!

At least cover yourself, here’s some underwear

*This poem was based on a writing prompt (No tap dancing in aisle three)


Country Drama

It’s not your typical trailer park brawl

It involves a pig and a cow

The pig neighbor had some nerve

He stole from cow eighteen beers

Pig got drunk and he wasn’t shy

At three a.m. he shouted obscenities into the sky

No one got any sleep that night

Pig kicked down cow’s door

Cow with gun in tow, readied himself for a fight

He ate ham, and sausage that night

*This poem was based on a writing prompt (Pig steals 18 beers, gets drunk, and fights cow)


Shroud Eater

If you hear loud chewing within the grave

Take heed during the plague

It could be a shroud eater

Brick up the mouth of the corpse

It will weaken you physically

It will drain your life force

Once it’s consumed itself

It will come back for more

No one is safe, your family may be next